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Cleaning Machines

Litostroj Power has several successful references in design and supply of special cleaning machines for hydro projects.


Inclined turn-round cleaning machines

Static turn-round chain-operated cleaning machines are used for removing irregular-size debris, such as logs, from the trash racks. The rake cleans the trash rack from the bottom upwards along its total width. When reaching the top, the rake disposes the trash in a container or conveyor belt. The mechanism is protected against overloading and the operation is automatic.


Mobile cleaning machines

Fully or semi-automatic mobile cleaning machines with grabs of various designs, too, are used for the same purpose as the turn-round cleaning machines, that is, for removing irregular-size debris, such as logs, from the trash racks.

The grab, which is hydraulically or mechanically operated, cleans the trash rack sections from the top downwards or from the bottom upwards. Depending on its design, the grab closes due to its own weight or hydraulically, rises to the top and disposes the trash into a container or a silo. Such cleaning machine can be controlled automatically or manually.

Auxiliary Systems

Our products are supplied together with auxiliary systems. Auxiliary systems can also be supplied separately upon customer’s request.

Litostroj Power has long-time experience with design and installation of hydraulic power units, compressed air systems, automated cooling & drainage systems, water depression systems and lubrication system units.

All our auxiliary systems can be also upgraded to full automation. 

Hydraulic Regulators / Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is an integral part of the turbine control system and serves to provide hydraulic oil pressure for manoeuvering the guide vanes, runner blades, the turbine inlet valve, generator brakes, pressure release valves and other hydraulically-controlled equipment. Our HPUs are equipped with safety devices that stop the unit independently in case of emergency or a severe malfunction.

With their vast experience with design of turbine governors, our design team optimizes the hydraulic power units to fit any kind of projects, either for a new plant or a unit to be refurbished. On the basis of the analysis of expected loads and forces acting on the servomotors and other analyses, they design HPUs and control valves in a way to ensure accurate, prompt and safe control actions.


Special Solutions


Hydraulic Power Units for multiple turbine units brings cost reductions for smaller sized projects.


Main features

  • Oil supply up to 4000 lit/min
  • Pressure up to 18 MPa

Compressed Air Systems

The compressed air system ensures distribution of compressed air needed for various purposes on a power plant.

The compressed air system consists of compressors with pressure vessels, distributing piping and appertaining components for pressure control and air quality management.



  • High pressure systems
  • Low pressure systems


Main features

  • Pressure up to 10 MPa

Automated cooling & drainage systems

Litostroj Power designs, manufactures, installs and tests reliable and cost-effective automated cooling and drainage systems. Each system is designed to suit the given parameters and customer’s requests in order to facilitate proper functioning of the equipment.

Automated cooling systems are used for cooling of the equipment (generator, transformer, bearings, shaft seal, hydraulic power unit, lubricating unit, powerhouse HVAC system, etc.). The cooling water system tends to be used in the following configurations:

  • Open-loop cooling system. Such system uses raw river water. The water is filtered and supplied to the components that need to be cooled or lubricated (shaft seal, water-lubricated bearings, water/oil coolers) and then released back into the river.
  • Closed-loop cooling systems. The cooling fluid circulates in a closed system. The cooling fluid takes the heat from the generators, bearings or other sources of heat and transmits the heat to river water or air through heat exchangers.

The heat exchangers can either be submerged in the water passage or cooled by an open-loop cooling system. With smaller cooling loads, heat exchangers can be cooled by air.

Drainage systems are provided for dewatering of the turbine water passage and for drainage of the powerhouse floor, turbine head cover and shaft seal. The water that could become oil contaminated is pre-treated by means of an automatic oil separator before being released into the river.

Lubrication system Units

Lubrication system is designed to supply oil to generator bearings, turbine bearings and gearboxes. The lubrication system comprises of three subsystems:

a)   the high-pressure hydrostatic lubrication has a function to lift the turbine shaft and generator shaft assembly (and by that the whole unit rotating assembly) – on generator bearings, turbine bearings and gearbox bearings – during unit start-up.

b)   the low-pressure circulating lubrication serves for lubricating and cooling of generator bearings, turbine bearings and gearbox during normal operation of the unit.

c)   the emergency lubrication ensures lubrication of the gearbox or thrust bearing in the event of a power failure.

Our oil auxiliary systems design team takes into account both the cold and normal unit operation and designs the system in such way that it is capable to perform its function under versatile conditions. The lubrication oil is selected according to the operating conditions, typically ISO VG64, ISO VG48 or ISO VG 32, or bio-degradable oil.

Steel Structures

Based on your documentation, documentation prepared by others or documentation prepared in Litostroj Power upon your requirements, we can produce steel structures such as:

  • Pipelines, intake and bifurcation piping
  • All types of turbine components
  • Generator rotor / stator frames
  • Industrial hall steel structure
  • Frames for different types of machines
  • Reduction gear welded structure
  • Steel boat frame, hull and deck
  • Cable car basic steel structure
  • Other structures