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Scope of the control system
Our control systems cover automation of auxiliary systems, valves, cranes, turbine governors, unit controls and SCADA systems.

Litostroj Power as a turbine equipment OEM supplier has a deep insight into the turbine systems behavior, operational characteristics and requirements.

Unit Controller and SCADA Systems
To achieve a reliable system, high-quality components and redundant control system configuration with high system security are used. 

Hydropower plant can be operated either locally via touch screens, remotely from a control room or from dispatch center if requested.  

  • A wide range of communication protocols (IEC 61870-5, IEC 61850, DNP3 and others) can be implemented, which guarantees an easy integration of various components in the control system. 
  • Operator screens are user-friendly and focus on the data relevant for operation. Our system has also an enhanced alarm and messaging system to facilitate maintenance and fault detection. 
  • In case of several units installed on a power plant, a joint controller can optimally distribute the flow and load among the turbines.
  • Via safe connection, remote diagnostics and support can be provided at all times.

Turbine Governors
The turbine governor is the heart of the power plant. The governor ensures stable and efficient operation of the unit under versatile hydraulic conditions. A range of digital governors is available to fit the particular turbine type.

Control modes of the digital governor are based on PID algorithms. In addition to the speed, opening and power control, our governor has the capability to regulate the flow or reservoir water level as well. 

Each governor is equipped with a touch panel, with an enhanced alarm and messaging system to facilitate maintenance and fault detection. Different communication interfaces make it easy to integrate it into any control system.  This is particularly important in modernization projects. 

We use in-house built real-time simulator to test our digital governors together with the hydraulic power unit.

Special solutions

Advanced Level control functions
Litostroj Power has developed and successfully implemented advanced level control functions allowing accurate regulation of the intake water level, with the precision of only a few centimeters even for very complex water way systems with several kilometer long penstocks, surge tanks and small intake reservoirs. The water level control system is implemented within the joint control system to optimally distribute the required flow between the units.

Operational statistics
Litostroj Power developed special statistical tools to analyse the turbine operation and store the statistics data for future use. The advance function is developed to give the time view of how the unit is operated so as to enable using the information for equipment condition assessment, special analysis and even root cause analysis in case of a failure.

Advanced functions for primary frequency control for Kaplan runners
For double-regulated units with Kaplan runners, Litostroj Power has recently developed special governor functions for participation in primary regulation of the grid frequency. Advanced governor functions are designed to mitigate increased wear issues in the runner mechanism in accordance with the new EU2016/631 directive “Establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators”.  

Fast synchronization control loop
This new control loop has been developed to enhance and speed up the synchronisation process once the unit has reached the rated speed. This function is built in all our governors, showing to be the most valuable for systems with long penstocks. 

Selected references and publications