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The companies of Litostroj Power Group provide development, design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning of all main types of water turbines for both new installations and refurbishment projects. Litostroj Power turbines are characterized by high efficiency achievement, reliability in operation and long service life.

Pelton Turbines

The Pelton turbine – with vertical or horizontal shaft – allows using the water energy at a very high head (up to 1500 m) under a relatively low discharge.


Francis Turbines

The Francis turbine is appropriate for a medium or high head (up to 750 m) under a low, medium or high discharge.


Kaplan Turbines

The Kaplan turbine is best suited for a low or medium head (up to approx. 75 m) under a medium or high discharge.


Saxo Turbines, Vertical Tubular and S-type turbines

Tubular & Bulb turbines are optimum for a low or medium head. Their specific configuration allows to make best use of the benefits of a Kaplan runner without the need for a spiral case.


Pit and Bulb Turbines

Pit & Bulb turbines are intended for horizontal-shaft units and are suitable for low heads.


Pump Turbines

We design, manufacture and install pump-turbines of different types and sizes. A reversible Francis or Deriaz type is available - combined with a generator of either variable-speed or synchronous type.


Small-sized Turbines

Small turbines comprise different types of turbines (Kaplan, Francis, Pelton, Saxo-type, Reiffenstein) designed to equip small hydropower plants with an output ranging from 500 kW to 5 MW.

Alternative solutions & Customization

Litostroj Power is also comfortable with offering other setups to meet the specific site conditions and your requirements in terms of concept, design, installation process and more.


Litostroj Power develops and designs, manufactures, supplies and performs commissioning of pumping equipment for an extensive range of flow and head. We are specialized in supplying equipment for irrigation pump stations, large dewatering and cooling pumps, large-capacity pumps intended for clean water resource management and pumped-storage hydropower projects.

Valves & Gates

Litostroj Power designs, manufactures and supplies valves and gates for hydropower plants and for water treatment facilities. Our valves and gates are distinguished by simplified yet robust design, high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Automation & Control

Litostroj Power offers automation for all systems and equipment from our product range. In other words, we supply complete automation and control for a hydropower plant: Scada, EBoP equipment automation and unit control, which consists of automation for turbine, generator and auxiliary systems.


Experiences in design and manufacturing of cranes intended for various branches of industry (like hydro & nuclear power plants and other special industrial facilities) based on continuous improvement and introduction of new technologies are the warranty for the highest product quality and durability of our large and special-purpose cranes & lifting devices.

Other products

Litostroj Power is ready to support our customers with design and manufacturing of other products, such as cleaning machinery, auxiliary systems, special structures, industrial equipment such as gearboxes, forming presses or other products.