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Refurbishment, Modernization and Upgrades

Strict environmental and operational regulations and competitive business market are putting the pressure on the HPP owners to increase efficiency, availability and safety as well as reduce risk of pollution and maintenance costs. This is reflected in increased number and especially in the difficulty of Refurbishment, Modernization and Upgrading (RMU) projects in recent years. 


RMU projects may consist of refurbishment of turbine and hydro-mechanical equipment, generator equipment, EBoP, governor and unit control equipment.
RMU projects have always played an important role of Litostroj Power’s business. Moreover, Litostroj Power has gained hands on experience with RMU of Energo-Pro Groups own HPPs.

Acquired knowledge and experiences are used to support HPP owners in optimization of the technical specifications during project planning and project execution phases. Litostroj Power is fully dedicated to assist customers when RMU projects face unexpected challenges related to original equipment quality issues found during disassembly phase.
In addition to all activities required for RMU installations, Litostroj Power offers:

  • Analysis of existing components and preliminary feasibility study
  • Pre-commissioning before dismantling
  • Lifetime expectancy evaluation of reused parts
  • Consulting to optimize RMU projects
  • All necessary site works

In recent years Litostroj Power has been active in converting the RMU units into modern designs by installing self-lubricating composite bearings, oil-free Kaplan runners, water lubricated main shaft guide bearings, fish friendly hydraulic designs as well as preparation of generating units for participation in primary grid frequency control. Additional considerable advantages are gained by modernization of auxiliary systems and electrical control equipment.

We are able to offer RMU projects worldwide. Our strategy is to design and manufacture all new parts at our headquarters in Slovenia and to perform refurbishment of reused equipment locally and close by to the HPP location.

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