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In-House Services

Litostroj Power's engineers and technicians provide a wide range of in-house services in the field of design, simulations, maintenance, machine upgrades and manufacturing of the equipment. Although some of the services may not be explicitly marketed, we are able to fully support the partners with our expertise in case of their inquiries. Throughout the years we have accumulated a wide range of skills and know-how about the machines we operate and become versatile experts in this field.

Hydraulic Design & Model tests of turbines and pumps

Model tests are a fundamental part of theoretical and experimental research of large and medium hydraulic machines. They are used to verify the parameters of new hydraulic solutions before the prototype is made.

Model testing of turbines, pump-turbines and pumps takes place at the Litostroj Power Hydraulic Research Center in Blansko, Czech Republic. Model testing is carried out in accordance with the IEC 60193 standard Hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines – Model acceptance tests.

By optimizing the design characteristics of hydraulic machines, technical risks are minimized and the clients’ reliance on the technical characteristics of the offered product is strengthened. This enhances the competitiveness of our solutions on the international market.

Litostroj Power has a long history in hydraulic design and model testing, covering all types of turbines (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Saxo and Bulb). We are able to develop an optimal solution for your project whether it is a new installation or a refurbishment project.

Manufacturing and Production

Litostroj Power is manufacturing the majority of its turbine components in its factory in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Manufacturing is performed by experienced personnel using modern multi-axis computer controlled machines.

We are specialized in manufacturing of large-sized constructions, for example; major parts for turbines, bifurcations, draft tubes cones and elbows, turbine runner chambers and housings, generator rotor and stator frames, large cranes and other equipment. We cover manufacturing, welding, metal coating and heat treatment, sand blasting and corrosion protection - all within one shop-floor. We are proud to have in-house runner manufacturing and assembly shop for all types of turbines. 

Components that are purchased or machined by sub-suppliers, are manufactured under Litostroj Power’s supervision and are subject of fulfilment of our quality control policies.    

Manufactured assemblies are test-assembled and function tested in the factory assembly floor. Such tests are often supervised by the customers.

Main features:

  • Machining shop 12.000 m2
  • Welding shop 5.500 m2
  • Sandblasting and Painting shop 1.700 m2
  • Assembly area 4.000 m2


Hydro Power Plants automation by Litostroj Power is a reliable, efficient and tailor-made solution, which covers automation of auxiliary systems, turbine governor, unit control and SCADA systems. All systems are designed in compliance with the latest international standards.

Nowadays secure and reliable control systems are necessary and in order to achieve it, we use high quality components and redundant control system configuration with high system security.

To achieve state-of-the-art automation system our team has the necessary knowledge of the processes and good engineering expertise. Litostroj Power automation department has the necessary skills for covering Electrical design (CAD), Assembly of electrical equipment, Programming (PLC, HMI, SCADA), Factory acceptance tests (FAT), Commissioning & Site acceptance tests (SAT) and finally Training & Maintenance of installed electrical equipment.

Site erection and erection supervision

Litostroj Power offers complete services, including site erection, installation of main equipment and auxiliary systems, as well as organization and performance of erection works on site. Litostroj Power site supervisors have many years of experience in erection works on sites across Europe, USA, Canada, Central America, Asia, Africa and have a wide knowledge in fields of:

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Hydraulic regulation
  • Welding
  • Non-destructive testing and dimensional control


We can provide our own site erection teams to perform erection works on power plants. Our skilled teams consist of millwrights with various profiles:

  • Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Hydraulic technician
  • Welder
  • Pipe fitter

To ensure that all works are performed effectively and with high quality, all necessary disassembly and assembly instructions, site work activities plans and protocols are pre-prepared by Litostroj Power’s site-erection technology department.

With our entire Litostroj Power team of supervisors, millwrights, R&D support and commissioning engineers, we are able to organize and to support any site requirement that comes from our customers. We can be on the site within 24 hours upon request for closer projects and within 72 hours or less for projects located in USA, Canada and other distanced locations. 

Commissioning, Measurements and Site diagnostics

Litostroj Power commissioning department is composed of highly skilled commissioning engineers and technicians, who regularly perform site diagnostic and equipment startup tasks on turbines, hydro mechanical equipment and auxiliary systems.

Common tasks performed by commissioning and measurement specialists are:

  • Preparation of testing program and procedures
  • Startup, commissioning and testing of installed equipment 
  • Operational control and fine tuning
  • Site “Index testing” according to IEC 60041 and unit CAM optimization
  • Turbine site performance measurements according to IEC60041, using Thermodynamic method, Gibson method or Current meter method, depending the site specific conditions
  • Vibration and pulsation monitoring
  • Equipment condition assessment, diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Third party commissioning & measurements supervision

For the purpose of measurement and testing, Litostroj Power provides all necessary measuring equipment with calibration certificates traceable to international calibration etalons. We have a large selection of accurate measurement equipment, sensors and transducers available, covering all the requirements for special static and dynamic measurements as well as requirements for appropriate data acquisition.

Our test specialists can easily and quickly establish a site-measuring center, apply any type of measurement and connect any kind of analog signal on the HPP, thus enabling thorough equipment condition analysis and diagnostics.

Our specialty measurements cover natural frequency testing of installed structures and constructions, dry or submerged strain gauge measurements on static as well as rotating parts, hydraulic torque and friction measurements in distributor and runner mechanisms.

Profound knowledge on equipment behaviour and operational characteristics, measurement skills and possibilities with a support of numerical simulations, enables Litostroj Power to offer our customers a root cause analysis of sudden or serious mechanical problems on the hydro equipment as well as operational problems troubleshooting.

HPP Monitoring and Aftersales services

Litostroj Power is an OEM supplier for turbine equipment. During our rich history we have systematically gathered extensive knowledge of equipment behavior, methods, principles of installed equipment diagnostics and fault detection.

In the last decade we have focused on gathering and digitalization of site information which lead to the development of COnditionbased Maintenance and Operation System – COMOS, presented to the market in 2015.

Our COMOS system is an information system for monitoring, operations and maintenance support. It is designed to establish a long-lasting relationship between the supplier and the customer. COMOS contributes to lowering the number of maintenance interventions and higher reliability of the HPP. Furthermore, COMOS introduces a predictive maintenance concept and brings benefits to all stakeholders.

COMOS consists of:

  • Site Data acquisition
  • Information infrastructure for data managemen
  • Data Diagnostics system for machine condition assessment 
  • Reporting system run by Litostroj Power service team and
  • Web portal for team collaboration 

As a part of “Predictive maintenance planning within COMOS services”, Litostroj Power specialists analyses the equipment conditions and prepare the maintenance plan for a specific time period. The main benefit of Predictive Maintenance is to allow convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, and to prevent unexpected equipment failures. The key is "the right information at the right time". Other advantages are also reduction of unplanned stops, increase of unit availability, increased equipment lifetime, increased plant safety, fewer accidents with negative impact on environment, and optimized spare parts handling.

After Sales Services provided by Litostroj Power:

  • Site Inspection, diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Plant and equipment condition assessment
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Field services, Equipment maintenance & Repairs
  • Component lifetime prediction supported by measurements and computational analyses
  • Spare parts
  • Training

Selected references and publications

COMOS_Brochure (5.53 MB)

Project management

To our customers we offer a wide range of professional project management services reaching from simple management of manufacturing spare parts to strategic management of full scope of W2W projects, whereby we take care of managing of all partners involved in our scope of supply.    

With an experienced team of dedicated project managers we assure to our customers a smooth execution of our projects where the key motivation is the overall success each project in consideration of the unconditional achievement of quality, time and costs. We are proud to act as a link between the customer and our company including our partners and sub-suppliers.  

We strongly believe in the customer oriented approach based on sincere communication between partners in order to ensure successful delivery of our complex projects. Therefore we understand the need to be flexible and to adapt to the specifics of each project.

Our project managers are fully supported by a team of internal and external experts, nominated for each of our projects. Our work begins early when the idea of a project meets with the will for its execution. And we do not rest until all the work is done and finished to our customer’s satisfaction.

Our activities:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting


Within the Design department, we combine and offer all the services and expertise needed for efficient design, re-design and consulting on our products. We combine expertise in hydraulic and mechanical design, tribology, computer simulations in fields of fluid dynamics, structural and modal analysis, fatigue assessment and lifetime prediction, transient analysis in piping systems, rotordynamic analysis of rotating machinery, design of auxiliary equipment & systems and more. 

Litostroj Power design expertise cover activities supporting the design requirements on New installations, Refurbishment, Modernization & Upgrade projects; and offers support in design of Complete HPP and Water-to-wire projects.

We specialize in design of:

  • Hydro power
  • Pumps
  • Valves and Gates
  • Cranes
  • Industrial equipment and other products

Selected references and publications