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Complete HPP and Water-to-wire projects

Complete Water-to-wire projects are executed successfully with combination of vast in-house experience and reliable partners.

Our suppliers are prominent companies with extensive experience in hydro business and modern production facilities.

All suppliers are certified and audited periodically by the Litostroj Power’s expert teams and/or an external certified quality controllers. For each Water-to-wire project the most suitable suppliers are chosen in order to prepare a tailor made solution according to the customer requirements. 


Litostroj Power cooperates with a wide variety of world-wide renowned generators. For the equipment that we supply we take care for quality control procedures of the materials, parts, components and product functionality.

We can supply generators for the entire range of our hydro projects, for either 50 or 60 Hz grid frequency. We integrate generator solutions with turbine equipment for each individual project by selecting appropriate vertical, horizontal, compact and custom built generators. 

Along with the generators we supply all the necessary auxiliary systems:

  • Generator neutral and line cubicles
  • Static or brushless excitation systems
  • Lubrication, cooling (air or water), braking systems
  • Partial discharge, air gap, vibration monitoring system

Electrical Balance of Plant

Litostroj Power offers electrical high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage equipment selected according to the customer requirements and international standards. The equipment is subject to withstand the highest electrical and quality requirements to assure reliable power plant operation during the expected life-time of the facility.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment manufactured under the latest international standards (IEC, ASME) and selected according to the broad experience with design and supply of equipment for hydro power plants.

We supply the following EBOP equipment:

  • HV equipment, Switchyard (Outdoor, Indoor)
  • Step-up transformers
  • MV switchgear
  • Control and protection system
  • LV Service station service (AC system with inverter, Diesel Generating Set, DC system with rectifier and batteries)
  • Metering system