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About Litostroj Power Group

Based on our tradition and experience dating back more than 170 years, today the Litostroj Power Group, as a part of Energo Pro, continues to build its worldwide reputation with the supply of innovative, well-designed and reliable equipment for hydroelectric power plants and other applications. We provide custom-tailored solutions for our entire product and service portfolio, from primary hydraulic design and research, testing of models, to production, assembly and commissioning.

Thanks to the innovative expertise of the highly skilled engineers working for the Litostroj Power, we have successfully delivered projects to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Members of Litostroj Power Group

Litostroj Power Group unites:

  • Litostroj Power, Slovenia
  • Litostroj Engineering, Czech Republic - including Hydraulic Research Center Blansko
  • Litostroj Hydro, Canada

The essence of the Group is to ensure flexibility and tailor-made solutions, combined with reliable and experienced partners.

Energo-Pro Group

Litostroj Power Group became a part of Energo-Pro Group on May, 2014. The core business of the Energo-Pro Group is in the hydropower sector. The Energo-Pro Group operates hydropower plants in Central and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Caucasus. As an originally Czech company, the Group has gradually expanded to Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey.

The Energo-Pro Group is also engaged in the electricity distribution and power trading. The group operates large-scale distribution grids in Bulgaria and Georgia with more than 2 million grid customers. It also participates in cross-border trading of electricity.

Since 1994, when the Energo-Pro Group was established, the Group has participated in the modernization and rehabilitation of hydropower energy in Central and Eastern Europe in the period of economic transition. The total installed capacity of the Energo-Pro Group’s power plants is 862 MW, while the annual power generation is more than 3 TWh.

Litostroj Power Group is the only producer of the equipment for hydropower plants in the world, who has hands on experience not just with design, production and commissioning, but also with operation and rehabilitation of Energo-Pro Group's own hydropower plants. 

We use what we produce!

For more information about Energo-Pro Group please click here.