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Ljubljana, 18. 2. 2021


Litostroj Power of the ENERGO-PRO Group will produce four runners for the Austrian Rosshag pumped-storage hydropower plant. The contract also includes the development of the hydraulic design and model tests in the hydraulic laboratory. Thanks to the contract, Litostroj Power has won its eighth contract from the Austrian power company Verbund Hydro Power.

Litostroj Power, which manufactures turbines and other hydropower equipment in Ljubljana, Slovenia, together with Litostroj Engineering in Blansko, Czech Republic, and other sister companies, form the industrial pillar ENERGO-PRO, a multinational operator of hydroelectric power plants. "We are further strengthening our industrial pillar. We appreciate the fact that we are becoming a stable supplier of our solutions for such an important client as Austrian Verbund. We see this further contract as recognition of Litostroj's creative and reliable approach," said Pavel Váňa, CEO of the ENERGO-PRO Group.

Litostroj Engineering will be in charge of the hydraulic design of the runners and of the tests in the hydraulic laboratory in Blansko for the Rosshag power plant while Litostroj Power will be in charge of the manufacture of the runners in Ljubljana and the final delivery of the turbine.


The Rosshag pumped-storage power plant with four 65-megawatt Francis turbines is located in Zillertal. The water head from the Schlegeis accumulation reaches 640 metres, which is equal to the height of ten Prague’s Petřín lookout towers or about two Eiffel towers. Rosshag is thus approaching the parameters of the neighbouring Häusling power plant, which boasts the world record of 728 metres – the highest water head in the world that uses a Francis turbine impeller.

Litostroj Power had previously won a contract at the Häusling power plant to modernize its two turbines. The turbines then received new runners in 2019 and 2020 thanks to the cooperation of engineers in Blansko and Ljubljana. The Rosshag and Häusling power plants are located in the same valley, just a few kilometres apart.

Litostroj Power is currently also implementing four other projects for Verbund – Malta Oberstufe, Limberg I, Töging and Ottensheim—Wilhering.


Turbine type: Francis

Maximum output: 4 x 65 MW

Maximum water head: 640 m

Maximum flow rate: 13.3 m3/s

Rotational speed: 750 min-1

Impeller outer diameter: 1980 mm