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News - 2020


Development of a Monocoque Carbon Cycling Frame

On December 6, 2018, LITOSTROJ POWER started the implementation of a Development Research Project entitled "Development of the Monocoque Carbon Cycle Frame (MCQ C-FRAME)", for which it received a decision from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology to co-finance the project through a public tender "Incentives for research and development projects 2". The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.
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Litostroj will deliver equipment for a new hydropower station Mokrice, Slovenia

The Slovenian manufacturer of water turbines Litostroj Power from the Energo-Pro Group signed a contract with its client HESS (Hydroelectric power stations on the lower Sava River) and will participate in the development of a new hydropower station Mokrice. The delivery includes three horizontal Bulb units with a runner of 4.8 m in diameter as well as all the auxiliary systems. The value of the contract is less than EUR 19 million.
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Runner from Litostroj Group ready for Alabama

Litostroj Group, the world-leading producer of water turbines and other hydraulic machines has produced a runner for the Lay Hydropower Plant in the US state of Alabama. This renowned power plant with more than a hundred-years-long history is currently undergoing reconstruction. Four of its six Kaplan turbines with an output of 30 MW will be upgraded in the near future. The new runner produced in the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana is heading to one of the Lay Hydropower Plant’s units which will be the first to be upgraded.
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