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Litostroj Power at Hydro 2019 in Africa

Windhoek, 8. 4. 2019
Litostroj Power has participated as exhibitor at conference Africa 2019 – “Water storage and hydropower Development for Africa”. Conference was organized in Windhoek, capital city of Namibia. 

As one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of turbine equipment and auxiliary systems, we also have different successfully finished projects in this continent. We took the opportunity of this great event and put prime attention on our Saxo turbines. Saxo turbines are known by its robust and compact design and price competitiveness over vertical Kaplan units while having excellent efficiency level over wide range of operation. We are one of the top producers of Saxo turbines and we have installed majority of them in Canada. 

We were honored to greet many professionals and visitors at our booth in Namibia that were interested in our special solutions and also for open discussions with our designers and developers.