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More than 300 MW Francis runner for Dlouhé Stráně power plant was shipped from the factory

Ljubljana, 20. 9. 2018

Another milestone for Litostroj Power Group occurred yesterday, when we loaded the runner onto the transport for exceptional dimensions. Manufacturing of such size and type of the runner was a special opportunity for Litostroj Power. More than 60 workers worked on that runner for more than 7 months. Since this is the most powerful Francis runner, which we produced in more than 70 years of tradition, every step of the work was deeply studied before the execution.

Runner for Dlouhé Stráně is the hearthstone of the largest single pump turbine unit currently operated in Europe. It reflects the latest achievement in the development of hydraulic shapes in Litostroj Power Group.

We are very proud of our design department and specially workers, who made a lot of effort. With production of this Francis Runner we confirmed our position at the world best manufacturers of the hydro turbines.