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New Pump Storage opportunities in Turkey for Litostroj Power Group

Ankara, 26. 2. 2018
On February 26th, 2018, Litostroj Power Group participated at a conference dedicated to the development of Pump Storage Power plants in Turkey with title “Workshop on Road Map of Pumped-Storage Hydropowers (PSH)”. One of the key speakers of the conference was Mr. Aleš Skotak, one of our finest hydraulic experts, who spoke about our experiences and technical solutions for the construction of the Pump Storage equipment. 

The message from the conference was clear, Turkey requires and it is dedicated to invest into Pump Storage Technology. The message received a warm welcome in the industry and it is an important sign for the development of the Turkish energy sector. The announcement of the Turkish authorities underlies the strategic orientation and development of Litostroj Power Group related to our investment into new manufacturing facility, currently being under the construction on the outskirts of the capital city Ankara.