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Exhibition dedicated to 70 years of Litostroj

Railway Museum Ljubljana, 30. 11. 2017

In 2017, Litostroj celebrated 70 years of production in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To honor this important occasion, Exhibition in Slovenian Railway Museum was organized. The heart of the exhibition were people of Litostroj – People of steel with an iron will.

Our tradition and know-how was developed and successfully transferred through decades thanks to fully committed employees and entire family generations sharing their work experience and best practice.

On this occasion, we gathered different generations – from apprentices to seniors, who have witnessed our development to this day. Positive people and their great energy, combined with songs of mixed choir of Litostroj and Litostroj's orchestra music, contributed to a memorable event.

We can say, that we learn from our past, we try to do better every day, based on our knowledge and experiences, we create the future!

Check out our video from the exhibition here.