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Cookies Policy

Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files sent by web site and saved to web browser (device), which accesses a web page. They are used in order to achieve better user experience. By using cookies, a web site "remembers" you during your visit (session cookies) or in case of new visit (persistent cookies). When a device returns to a web site, the data saved in a cookie can be sent back to a web site. Cookies can be set by a web site you visited (first party cookies), or they can be set by other web sites/services which show content on a page you are looking at (third party cookies) - e.g. YouTube, Facebook.

Third party cookies 

In some cases, in our content we nest contents (videos, pictures) from web pages such as for instance Youtube. When visiting a page with such content, cookies are saved to user’s device, which are saved by those web pages. You can disable saving of such cookies in settings. However, by doing so, you will disable sharing of content.

Personal data collected with cookies

LITOSTROJ POWER d.o.o. can collect your personal data, processed by a computer, for meeting your needs and during browsing web sites. These data are intended exclusively for LITOSTROJ POWER d.o.o. and are explicitly approved by this statement and you do not oppose to them, namely for saving and use of such data for acquainting with our products and services.

LITOSTROJ POWER d.o.o. shall not convey your personal data to third parties. A user has a right of insight, copy, completion, correction, blocking and deletion of personal data which refer to him/her. LITOSTROJ POWER d.o.o. doesn’t collect personal data by using cookies. You send us personal data exclusively via web forms.of this website, you give your consent to being informed and bound by these terms of use.